Not A Dull Moment Uke tab by Bad Astronaut

8 Chords used in the song: A, D, C#m, E, Dsus4, C#, F#, G

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[A A]I remember well the smell of te[D D]quila

[A A]One bed, one bath, two months with [C#m C#m]Steph

[D D]Drinkin' up the sunrise

[E E]Then sleep till eight at night

[A A]I had a ten day birthday till Tha[D D]nk[Dsus Dsus]sgiving[D D]

[A A]We burnt the bird and hit the [C# C#]roa[F# F#]d[A A][D D]

Blur in stereo, [E E]sonic bookmarks and [A A]bad scenes

But not a dull [C# C#]moment, [F# F#]I barely[E E] miss living [D D]in Los Angel[E E]es

[A A]Only took a week to start the [D D]warfare

[A A]Eccentric neighbors on we[C# C#]lfa[F# F#]re[A A][D D]


The turntable spun to the beat of pounding on the walls

[A A]We'd sink another drink with Billy [D D]Idol

[A A]Have sloppy sex on the living room [C#m C#m]floor

A A [D D]whirlwind of simple pleasure princi[E E]pal

Principles are gone[A A]

It's not a dull [C# C#]moment

[F# F#]I barely [E E]miss living [D D]in that selfish [E E]bliss with Steph[F# F#]

And I [D D]always have the [A A]past to be [E E]warned

[F# F#]And I [D D]always knew the [A A]last laugh was [E E]more

[G G]And I can [C# C#]taste the gold ring [D D]tarnish in my[E E] mouth

[F# F#]And I need a [G G]drink to wash it out

It's not a dull moment

I barely miss living in that state of filth

So I [D D]cleaned the yard, the yard, the yard

[F# F#]Mow the lawn, scrub the stained rug

So what? It's safe and sound I have found

[D D]


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