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Album:  unknown
Key: unknownChords
Verse 1:
I wanna let you know that baby you're my everything
Without you around me I just lose it I suffocate
And everytime that you kiss me and hold me
Oh baby just know that that I'm you're one and only

I wanna make it big just for you and me
I wanna grow old with you raise a happy family
And I don't give a damn what the other people say
So ima stay loving you baby each and everyday
You swept me off my feet
You are so sweet
You're all I think about
Can you tell me
Of all the things you do
To make me feel this way
Oh baby please
I love the way you walk, you talk, you style
Watchin the way you move, just makes me smile
Love everything about you you introduced me
To a crazy little thing called love

Everywhere I go I want them to know
That you're my boyfriend and I'll never let you go
No matter how bad the situation I'm still here
With you here in my life the picture is so clear


You are my one and only baby theres no doubt
Keepin you happy boy? is what my lifes about
The love I have for you baby boo is unconditional
You are my world, my life, truly my heart and soul

Uke tab by , 06 Aug 2011

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