Satellite Heart Uke tab by Anya Marina

4 Chords used in the song: Gb, Ebm, Bbm, Gm

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Year:  2010
Key: Db, Gb, Ebm, BbmChords
Verse 1:
Gb Gb Ebm Ebm Bbm Bbm Gb Gb
So pretty, so smart, such a waste of a young heart
Gb Gb Ebm Ebm Bbm Bbm Gb Gb
What a pity, what a sham, what's the matter with you, man
Gb Gb Ebm Ebm Bbm Bbm Gb Gb
Don't you see it's wrong, can't you get it right, out of mind and outta sight
Gb Gb Ebm Ebm Bbm Bbm Gb Gb
Call on all your girls, don't forget the boys, put a lid on all that noise

Ebm Ebm Bbm Bbm Gb Gb
I'm a satellite heart
Ebm Ebm Gb Gb
Lost in the dark
Ebm Ebm Bbm Bbm Gb Gb
I'm spun out so far
Ebm Ebm Gb Gb
You stop, I start
Ebm Ebm Gb Gb
But I'll be true to you

Verse 3:
Gb Gb Ebm Ebm Bbm Bbm Gb Gb
I hear you're living out of state, running in a whole new scene
Gb Gb Ebm Ebm Bbm Bbm Gb Gb
They say I haven't slept in weeks, you're the only thing I seek

(repeat Chorus 2x)
Ebm Ebm Gm Gm
No matter what you do
Ebm Ebm Gm Gm
Yeah I'll be true to you
Ebm Ebm Gm Gm
oooooooooooooooo (3x)

Uke tab by , 05 Dec 2009

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