Don't Look Back Uke tab by Alex Day

4 Chords used in the song :

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A Ukulele chord Amaj7 Ukulele chord F# Ukulele chord Fm9 Ukulele chord

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Verse: A chordA, Amaj7 chordAmaj7, F# chordF#, Fm9 chordFm9
¿½oeWhen xx gets xx midnight/we xxxx know xxxx we xxxxxxx D xx
Chorus: D chordD, Dm chordDm, E7 chordE7, D chordD, Dm chordDm

About this song

"Don't Look Back" is the eleventh track on the debut album Parrot Stories by Alex Day. This song was written on January 12th, 2009, and according to Alex's online diary was inspired by the style of Julia Nunes. It was the result of a self-enforced challenge to write a slow song on ukulele, since it's such a "peppy" instrument. The lyrics were inspired by a night spent "walking at night in the cold with the full moon above us" with Lex Croucher and Charlie McDonnell in Charlie's home town of Bath.

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