Some Nights by Fun.

Uke tabs from Some Nights

chr6 We Are Youngmix9 We Are Youngchr6 We Are Youngchr7 We Are Youngchr9 We Are Youngchr6 Carry Onchr9 Some Nightschr10 Why Am I The Onechr6 We Are Youngchr9 Out On The Townchr7 Some Nightschr9 We Are Youngchr8 Some Nightstab? Why Am I The One?chr9 Some Nightschr? All Alrightchr9 We Are Youngmix8 It Gets Betterchr9 Carry Onchr7 We Are Youngchr10 All Alonechr? Why Am I The One?tab? Why Am I The Onechr7 All Alonechr? Stars

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