Susan Strong Uke tab by Adventure Time With Finn and Jake

16 Chords used in the song: Dadd4, Dadd4sus2, Dadd4add6, C5, Gsus2, C7, G, D, C, Cmaj7, Dsus2, Gsus4, Dadd6, B7, Em, F#dim

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Album:  unknown
Key: unknownChords
# Non-standard chord voicings:
# - D*: 0220 [Dadd4]
# - C5*: 003x
# - Dsus2*: 0200 [Dadd4sus2]
# - Dadd6*: 0222 [Dadd4add6(no5)]
# - C5: 0033
# - Gsus2: 0230
# - C7*: 0031 [C7(no3)]


Susan Strong

D D*
This is where you belong

C C Cmaj7 Cmaj7 C5 C5* D D* Dsus2 Dsus2* D D*
Hanging with me on a fallen tree

G G Gsus4 Gsus4 G G
Don't you think you deserve this

D D* Dadd6 Dadd6* D D*
To live up here on the surface

C C Cmaj7 Cmaj7 C5 C5* D D* Dadd6 Dadd6*
I think you do and I think all your friends do too

C C C5 C5 G G Gsus2 Gsus2 G G
How long will you sit in the darkness

C C C5 C5 G G
I just want to show you the light

B7 B7 Em Em C C C7 C7*
'Cause you're a human just like me, Susan, and I want you in my life

Susan Strong

F#dim F#dim C7 C7 C5 C5*
You turn my heart on


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Uke tab by , 16 Jan 2012

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I should note that this is an arrangement intended to capture some of the subtleties of the final version of the song. The chords for the ukulele demo are quite a bit simpler, and are posted by the original artist (Rebecca Sugar) here:
19 Jan 2012

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