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SADISTICAL PUNK BAND FROM ネオ東京池袋(NEO TOKYO IKV)・・・† Line up: 加納 摩天楼 / CANOU MATENRO (Voice/Guitar/MODE of ART) (, also in HOT STYLE EXPO) EXTACY (G) (from SLEEP PROJECT JP) 朋 (BASSER) (from emmurée) SHINTARO (Dr) (from THE LECHERY FROM MARS, Royal Cabaret, Pharaoh) Ex.members: -眩暈- / -memai- (guitar) (ex.Dazzle Vision, now in 劇情テノール) 関口 (Drums) TELL(Support Drums) (ex.MOTHER GOOSE) CHARGEEEEEE... (Support Drums) (from OMEGA DRIPP, カイキゲッショク, ZiZ, etc.) アンクー (G) (from dummy-xD) BIBLE / E.D.E.N. / TETSU / TOSHI(所沢) (BASSER) (also in HOT STYLE EXPO) ムニムニ / munimuni was formed in the spring of 2005, Kanon Matenrou being the core Read more on

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