Learn to play ukulele : How to make cheap ukuleles soud better

How to make cheap ukuleles soud better

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[By the way: it can take up to a week until the strings do not stretch any more when the uke is new]


With an electric tuner you tuned the four strings perfectly, but chords

(except for one-finger-chords like C and Am) do not sound perfect?

Don't worry! You CAN make them sound better like this:

Stick a toothpick that you cut to the suitable length in front of every bridge

 (if the tone is too high-pitched) and check the tone. The pitch should be less now.

This probabely doesen't make a cheap uke sound perfect, but it 'helped' my uke;-)

Enjoy playing uke !!

Lesson by , 17 Sep 2012

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