Learn to play ukulele : How to hammer-on and pull-off on a ukulele.

How to hammer-on and pull-off on a ukulele.

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I remember when I started playing Ukulele, and I heard people talking about hammering on (and pulling off) and I was like "What are they talking about??" But really, it's quite simple, althuogh it will require a bit of practice until you've got it down well. Here is what a hammer-on consists of:

Let's say you're playing a C in the third fret of your A-string with your index finger. You pluck the A-string, and then, while the string is still sounding, you hit that same string with your ringfinger (still of your left hand) in the fifth fret hard enough, that that you are now playing a D note. You have just "hammered-on". That is all hammering on consists of. You hit a string with your finger in a fret without plucking that string. Simple as that.

Now to pull-offs.

Personally, I found pull-offs a little harder to pull off (no pun intended). Let's go back to the D you're playing after just hammering-on. Now, without plucking the A string, you pull your ringfinger down (and off the string) in such a way, that you can hear a C note again (from your index finger on your third fret, remember?). You need to watch out when you pull-off on the lower strings, that you don't play any of the other strings while pulling-off. You just want that one string to sound.

I hope this will help you, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment, and I promise I'll get back to ASAP.

Lesson by , 30 Oct 2012

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