Learn to play ukulele : Having trouble with chord transitions?

Having trouble with chord transitions?

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Well, I hear you have trouble changing from one chord to another. No need to be ashamed, we all start somewhere.

So, first tip, practice. Let's use two chords for now. What about C to G? So, without strumming, make a C chord, then, at your pace, got to G chord. Now, keep doing this until you get a hang of it. So, if you're ready, go to the second tip.


Got it? Nice. Now, we will try to do it with strumming. Let's just use a down down down pattern. So, go to C chord and do 3 down strokes. Then, slowly go to G and do the same. Now, let's go do it a bit faster okay? Don't strum too hard and go on your own pace.


So, just pratice this exercise and, you'll get it! It's just muscle memory. Thanks for reading! :)

Lesson by , 06 Jan 2017

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