Learn to play ukulele : Beginning Ukulele - Buying a ukulele and learning first steps

Beginning Ukulele - Buying a ukulele and learning first steps

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Learn how to play with simple and easy to understand Ukulele Lessons for beginners.
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There are several things to starting yourself off learning ukulele.

This is how I teach my students Ukulele and hope you benefit from my teachings too.

First off you will need a ukulele.

You don't want to buy something expensive to start off with. You might end up not wanting to play and have wasted your money. There are plenty of good cheap and affordable ukulele's out there, just go to your local music store and I am sure the staff there will be of good service.



Once you have your ukulele, make sure it is in tune suggesting it's a soprano ukulele, you will want the strings to be tuned to G, C, E, A. An acronym I always use for that is Good Cats Eat Apples. I am sure there is a cat out there that can.

There are helpful apps you can find on the app store on your smart phone that can help you tune and they are free, or you can purchase a tuner from your local music store or buy it online.

As well for the first couple weeks when tune, rub your fingers up and down the string and pull it lightly from the fret board as this will help the strings stretch and stay in tune longer.



Learn the Basic chords (A, B, C, D, E, F & G) and use these chords as a warm up before playing anything. There are lots of warm ups I suggest you look them up online.



Once you have learnt these chords try them out on some songs using this website which is really helpful


Enjoy playing ukulele

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