Learn to play ukulele : An alternative way to play the E Chord.

An alternative way to play the E Chord.

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So if you're a bit like me then you don't have the biggest hands, so E may be a bit of a stretch to play. Here's an alternative way of playing the E chord that I found to be quite useful...

Instead of playing the E chord the traditional way:

Try playing it with your index finger on the first string on the second fret and cover the other 3 strings on the fourth fret with your thumb!

Like that:

Much easier!

Lesson by , 30 Oct 2010

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There's even an easier voicing for absolute beginners: 1x02. You drop the root note responsible for this E Chord madness, voilà.
It's perfectly fine because we have another E (open E string), and the exact 3 notes we need to form a E major chord: E (T), Ab (3M), B (5J)

Here is a link: https://ukulele-chords.com/E/3
17 Jun 2021
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this is great help!!! I've always had trouble with e chord, thanks so much!!!!!!!!! :-)
03 Oct 2012
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Actually, I didn't know the "traditional" E chord, I've always been playing the 2nd one! :)
04 Sep 2012