What Inspired You to Play Uke?

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    One can never have too many Ukuleles!

    I received a Flying V SpongeBob Ukulele as a present for my birthday, back in 2011. But not because I played the Ukulele, because I was obsessed with SpongeBob SquarePants. :) I decided instead of just letting it lie around looking pretty, I'd actually learn how to play this thing! ;)
    5 years and 7 ukes later, here I am... a decent ukulele player. :D
    Now, I love learning new songs, sharing my tabs with other ukulele lovers and teaching Ukulele to my fellow WeThinkCode_ classmates. <3
    What an amazing instrument to learn. ;)
    Miriam "Ukulily" Studium

  3. twentyonepilots

  4. Check why people love ukulele ukulelebuzz

  5. I saw Amanda Palmer live and she played the Ukulele Anthem and said everyone should play Ukulele so I bought one and started playing and I love it. It's what I look most forward to after a day at Uni. I think of new songs to play all the time and then I can't wait to get home and start playing.

  6. i've never been a very musical person, but i've been interested in making it and playing something since i was a kid. But i never ended up making anything of that wish since i don't have anyone in my family who could teach me. I took up the piano when i was 13, it ended up being to hard and i didn't have the patience to learn it. Then my brother got interested in playing the guitar, which i thought seemed like a lot of fun, buuuut i have pretty small hands so i had a lot of trouble taking any complicated chords (i realize now i prolly could have with some practice). And then around my sixteenth birthday i was like "you know what? i wan't an ukulele, they sound cute and seems easy to get started with"! I got one and badamam, now i play and love it, planning on getting a tenor one really soon :)

  7. The Stampeders "Sweet City Woman". My daughter went off to college, brought her guitar but left her uke at home, and I got a bug that I wanted to learn that song. I am a month in, can't do it yet, but I have about 10 chords in my repertoire now, and am getting better with strum patterns. And I enjoy it more than I thought I would.

  8. Hello everyone, hope your all having a great time playing your Ukuleles.
    My reason for learning to play a ukulele is because I have freakishly tiny hands and fingers, I know people say that that doesn't matter but I am finding it do exasperating and disheartening.
    I wear the gloves of a four year old.
    I have always wanted to play the guitar but alas my hands and fingers won't stretch around to play cords at all.
    So I thought, I love the sound of a Ukulele so why not play something smaller with one of the most beautiful sounds I have heard.
    So I bought a Soprano Ukulele, it sounds amazing when it's strummed and, I can play the C Cord fine and can manage to stretch my hand and fingers just to the A Cord nd play that one too will take a bit of stretching so will keep on with that but trying to do an F cord is excruciating and, the same thing with the G Cord, I cannot manage to get my fingers to stay on the three frets at once with my thumb on the back of tge neck.
    I am crushed, there must be something I can do, as I am determined to master this disabling tiny hands and finger problem, even if it means trying to find finger extensions or make my own slip on prosthetic ones.
    I know that must sounds nuts but it's not.
    One of the men I used to worked with measured his two year old little girls hand against mine one day and, they were the same size, I even wear children's gloves.
    There must be something I can do as well as trying to stretch my fingers wrists etc.
    I cannot give up I love the Ukulele so much, I feel crushed right now.
    I bought a Dobro Lap Guitar and thats bad enough trying to balance it on my legs being small.
    So it would be amazing to be able to play my Soprano Ukulele like normal people do even if it means rubber tips.
    Do you think that would work maybe rubber tips like they use to count money etc I could maybe pad out the end to give me extra reach?
    Any Help would be greatly appreciated at this time.

  9. Steven Universe got me interested in the 'uke. Yep, nothing life-changing or some major backstory. Just a cartoon kid playing the ukulele with his lesbian alien moms.

  10. Hello there. Hope everyone having great time. For me, playing Uke is the best source of relaxation of mind. After all day work, when i back home, I started to play it and also a cup of coffee.

  11. Hello everyone i wanna play guitar but my hands are extreamly tiny... so i decided to learn ukulele.. its so dweet and its voice is very peaceful and sweet and also cute...

  12. country classic

  13. Twenty one pilots and adventure time

  14. Salut a tous
    un petit hello du sud de la france j'adore le ukulele
    j'en ai eu un en cadeau et depuis j'essaie de progresser

  15. I had to write a song for my choir class, and was given the choice between ukulele and piano. Both of the pianos I have access to are thirty minutes away. I knew my dad had a ukulele that he didn't use, so I claimed it as mine.

  16. What inspired me to play Ukulele? I was in 5th grade, and my music teacher, was playing ukulele and teaching us. Thats how I got inspired. I loved playing the ukulele, I didn't even have one, but I got one now to play at home!

  17. Honestly, Tyler Joseph. He's amazing on the ukulele and since I started listening to Twenty One Pilots, I've wanted to play. I'm actually really glad and happy I got one. I wasn't as happy playing the flute, like I am with the ukulele.

  18. I do a bit of entertaining of seniors and thought some musical instrument might be an advantage. Somehow, I just decided on a uke. Have now got a small few (a beautiful toned Kala, a bright yellow smiley face Mahalo - for effect, a banjolele and a rebuilt ultra cheapy which is not fully functional yet). I'm not too bad at chords, cannot finger pick a single note, and am having trouble getting strumming patterns in my tiny brain but ENJOYING every minute of it all...

  19. Ozzie Wright! He's a freaking legend and one of the funkiest dudes I've ever seen. If ur into mystical uke type stuff, check out his album 'Ozzie Wrong's Ukulele Songs' it's on spotify.

  20. Ozzie Wright! He's a freaking legend and one of the funkiest dudes I've ever seen. If ur into mystical uke type stuff, check out his album 'Ozzie Wrong's Ukulele Songs' it's on spotify.

  21. My girlfriend. She said that one of us will come out great duo

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