We Found Two Dead Swans And Filled Their Bodies With Flowers Uke tab by Teen Suicide

9 Chords used in the song: E, A, Abm, Dbm, Db, F#m, B, Ab, Am

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ntro: E E, A A, E E, Abm Abm

E E Dbm Dbm Abm Abm Db Db
i dont want to go to sleep

F#m F#m A A B B
and i dont want to dream

E E B B E E Dbm Dbm Abm Abm
on a table or on the floor

Abm Abm A A B B
in a car outside at night in the snow

small solo w chords: E E, A A, E E, Abm Abm

E E Dbm Dbm Ab Ab Abm Abm
waking up in someone elses bed

F#m F#m A A B B
something tells me im losing my head

E E Dbm Dbm Ab Ab Abm Abm
i dont want to leave

F#m F#m Dbm Dbm A A B B
just dye my hair and sleep

chord solo: E E, A A, E E, Abm Abm

A A Am Am
the world is ending in my dreams

B B E E Dbm Dbm Abm Abm
every week for the last few years

A A Am Am
when it really ends theyll fill my body with flames

E E Dbm Dbm Abm Abm A A
you and i will be a household name

i can't make out the exact chords but these work for the ending: Abm Abm, B B, E E


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