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F chordF Dm chordDm
There's no living in my life anymore
Am chordAm Bb chordBb F chordF
The seas have gone dry and the rain stopped falling
F chordF Dm chordDm
Please don't you cry anymore

Am chordAm
Can't you see
Bb chordBb F chordF Bb chordBb F chordF
Listen to the breeze whisper to me please
G chordG C chordC C7 chordC7 F chordF
Don't send me to the path of nevermo - o - ore

F chordF Dm chordDm Am chordAm Bb chordBb F chordF
Even the valleys below where the rays of the sun were so warm and tender
F chordF Dm chordDm
Now haven't anything to grow

Am chordAm
Can't you see
Bb chordBb F chordF
Why did you have to leave me
Bb chordBb F chordF
Why did you deceive me

G chordG C chordC
You send me to the path of nevermore
A7 chordA7 Bb chordBb F chordF Am chordAm
When you say you didn't love me anymo - o - ore

Bb chordBb F chordF
Ah - Ah
Bb chordBb
F chordF


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About this song

Nevermore , like all of the songs on Queen II's second side, was written by Freddie Mercury. It directly follows The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke, which ends with a three-part vocal harmony from May, Mercury, and Taylor and flows into Mercury playing the piano on this track. All the vocal parts were by Mercury, who added some contemporary piano 'ring' effects as well. These effects were widely suspected to be synthesizers, however they were created by someone plucking the piano strings as Mercury played the notes Read more on