Some Folk's Lives Uke tab by Paul Simon

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|F | |Bb |Eb9 |F |A7sus4 |
Some folks' lives roll easy as a breeze

A7 chordA7 |Dm7 chordDm7 Dbm7 chordDbm7|Cm7 chordCm7 | |
Drifting through a sum--mer night

|F |Bb | |
Heading for a sunny day

|A |Dm |Dm7 |Gm |
But most folks' lives oh they stumble

C chordC |F chordF |
Lord they fall

A7sus4 chordA7sus4 |A7 chordA7 |Dm7 chordDm7 Dbm7 chordDbm7 |Cm7 chordCm7 |
Through no fault of their own

|F |Bb | | | |
Most folks never catch their stars

Cm chordCm |
And here I am Lord

|F | |Bb |
I'm knocking at your place of business

Eb9 |A |D |G7-9 |
I know I ain't got no business here

Cm chordCm |Fm7 chordFm7 |Bb9 chordBb9 |Ebmaj7 chordEbmaj7
But you said if I ever got so low

|Abmaj7 |D |
I was busted

G chordG |C chordC | | |
You could be trusted

|F | |Bb |
Some folks' lives roll easy

Eb9 chordEb9 |F chordF |A7sus4 chordA7sus4 |
Some folks' lives

A7 chordA7 |Dm chordDm F/C chordF/C |Bb chordBb | |A7 chordA7 |
never roll at all

|Dm | | |
Oh they just fall

|Gm | |
They just fall

C7 chordC7 | |F chordF | |Bb chordBb |Eb9 chordEb9 |F chordF |
Some folks' lives


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