Something In The Way Uke tab by Nirvana

5 Chords used in the song: E5, C5, F#5, G5, D5

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Year:  1991
Key: Am, BmChords
E5 E5                      C5 C5
Underneath the bridge
E5 E5 C5 C5
Tarp has sprung a leak
E5 E5 C5 C5
And an animal is trapped
E5 E5 C5 C5
All become my pets
E5 E5 C5 C5
And I'm living off of grass
E5 E5 C5 C5
And the drippings from the ceiling
E5 E5 C5 C5
And its O.K. to eat fish
E5 E5 C5 C5
Cause they don't have any feelings

F#5 F#5 G5 G5
Something in the way
F#5 F#5 D5 D5
F#5 F#5 D5 D5
Something in the way
F#5 F#5 D5 D5
Mmmm...... Stop here patiently for a moment to let the vibrations die and then start again
(Repeat 1st stanza)
(Repeat Refrain except last line)
F#5 F#5 D5 D5
Mmm ........

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Uke tab by , 28 Jun 2015

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reanna4l avatar
the f#5 sounds a little off, but it might just be my uke :) great tab!!
28 Jun 2015

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About this song: Something In The Way

The last track on the breakthrough album "Nevermind", the song was featured in the Sam Mendes' 2005 film, "Jarhead". The rumor that "Something In The Way" is about Kurt Cobain living under a bridge as a teenager is false. Kurt did live under a bridge, but this is not what "Something In The Way" is about.

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