Dream Girl Uke tab by Kolohe Kai

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Verse 1:

Cmaj7 chordCmaj7 Dbdim chordDbdim Dm7 chordDm7 G7 chordG7
All through my days at school I often think of you my darling baby boo
Cmaj7 chordCmaj7 Dbdim chordDbdim Dm7 chordDm7 your always in my head thats i cant wait to go to bed to close my eyes to visualise
G7 chordG7
you right by my side

Cmaj7 chordCmaj7 Em chordEm
Cause your my dream girl living in my dream world
Fmaj chordFmaj Gmaj chordGmaj
Im in love with you please dont wake me up


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Etueni avatar
Etueni flag for AU(ISO2) (Sydney)
srry its just f and g like f major g major
06 May 2011
kakado avatar
kakado flag for NZ(ISO2) (HAMILTON)
what is Fmaj and Gmaj
28 Apr 2011
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