Witching Tree Uke tab by Jill Ennis

4 Chords used in the song: Gm, Cm, Eb, F

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Gm Gm.                        Cm Cm
On the eighteenth of april, 1943
Eb Eb F F
Four boys were playin in the Hagley woods
Gm Gm Eb Eb
With their daddys off in germany fightin for the queen
F F Cm Cm Gm Gm
These boys go out and start a game of hide and seek

Gm Gm Cm Cm
Peter was the counter, Tim, Jim and Billy were the hiders
Cm Cm F F Gm Gm
Billy runs up the hill and past the big oak tree
Cm Cm F F Gm Gm
And he stops when he sees somethin in the old witch tree

Its a dead body

Gm Gm Cm Cm
Police get to the scene where they find the body
F F Gm Gm
Of a Miss Bella Donkers age 23
Cm Cm F F
Twenty years go by with no discovery
The case closed
Gm Gm Cm Cm
And no one knows who put bella in the witching tree?

Cm Cm F F
Who put bella in the witching tree

Oh oh
Cm Cm F F
Who put bella in the witching tree?


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almahaenel avatar
really cool : )
13 Jan 2021
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