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Ukulele strings

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HELLO! this lesson is intended for someone who is buying new Ukulele strings or needs to restring there ukulele. 1st: types of strings. .Aquila- probably the most well known. these are the strings i have on mine, produce nice full sound .Martin- bright and clear .Worth- probably 2nd best well known.Sound very nice. These are in my oppinion the three best ukulele strings out there.But,of course, I havn't tried them all... The price can range any where from 3-8 dollars for most strings. Overall the most IMPORTANT THING is to just experiment with different type of strings. Pick the one that you think is the best, its your ukulele after all. Remember, your type of ukulele makes a big difference.You just have to find the right combination. 2nd: putting the strings on. you'll want to put your strings on in this order: 2nd thinnest, fattest, 2nd fattest, thinnist(G,C,E,A).to put on the string take the end of the string and put it in the hole in your tuning peg. put the other end with the knot on the bridge in between the slit. once this is done twist the tuning pegs to the left)as you would to make the sound sharper. once the string is good and tight tune it to taste. Then your done! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO! *NOTE: your probably gonna have to re-tune your ukulele alot after putting new strings on. but after three or so days it should mantain tuning. well thats it! good luck!

Lesson by , 07 May 2011

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