Learn to play ukulele : The 4 Different Kinds of Ukuleles and The U-Bass

The 4 Different Kinds of Ukuleles and The U-Bass

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There are 4 different types of ukuleles out there plus a special model. The most popular version is the standard soprano ukulele which often has 12-14 frets and is tuned to GCEA. Next is the concert ukulele which is a larger version of the soprano. It is also tuned GCEA and usually has 14-17 frets but since the body is larger, often the sound is deeper and fuller than that of the soprano. Also the finger board is larger for those with bigger hands. There is also the tenor ukulele which has 17-19 frets which makes it a better choice for solos. It is also tuned to GCEA. The fourth ukulele is the baritone ukulele. The baritone is tuned to a DGBE and often has 19-21 frets. This ukulele has the fullest and deepest sound of the four ukuleles. Then there is the U-Bass. I love the way this ukulele sounds. The string order is unique in that it is tuned to that of the traditional bass instrument in a EADG. The strings are made of a thick rubber material that give the U-Bass a unique, full, and very deep sound. There are fretless versions and those that have frets.

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Didn't mention that tenors are often tuned to low G, and in my opinion, the U-bass is a bass which is the size of a ukulele, and not a ukulele.
12 Apr 2013