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Strumming Your Ukulele

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So if you're a beginner and wanting to know how to strum and ukulele properly.here's how


If you're an EX guitar player the way you sturm your uke is NOT the same, usually if you strum your guitar with your fingers you hold your thumb and index finger,if you do this to your ukulele it will not sound good because it gives too much pressure since the strings are not as hard as guitar

So how you do it is make your finger in a strummin guitar position (index and thumb sticking together) like you're holding something really small. not let go of your thumb so it left only your index finger,strum it with that

Or you can strum it with your whole fingers by making your fingers into a crawling position or scratching position (all four fingers except thumb sticking together .not too tight! just relax) now strum with that

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