Learn to play ukulele : Strum Patterns for Beginners

Strum Patterns for Beginners

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Hi there! I’m PilotPanic, and I‘m going to help you out with a few strumming pattern tips and tricks that I use. First off... there’s more than one strumming pattern! It’s alright if you want to use a simple DDU UDU pattern for the first few songs you play, but trust me-there’s plenty of others!

Secondly, using tablatures (or tabs) in a song adds a lot of detail to the piece! For example, if one song has a G chord by itself, try playing the lower CEA strings in a pattern like this, with your fingers in the position for a regular G chord: (string order is listed below, not notes)

C E C A, E C A, E C A, E C A C E C A, E C A, E C A (and so on and so forth)

Anyways, hope I helped out the beginner ukulele players a bit and you can contact me if you have any further questions! Have a brilliant day!

Lesson by , 14 May 2018

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