Learn to play ukulele : How to pick quickly

How to pick quickly

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Hello again ukists,

this lesson is going to be on picking quickly. You may have discovered from trial and error, that picking as quick as Ritchie Valents isn't as easy as it looks. Fear not, there is a trick to picking that quick. The trick is to pick up and down.

WAIT! Don't race off just yet, there are still more things to this technique. First off, this does not, I repeat, does not work if you use your thumb. It must be done with a 1mm or thicker pick. Guitar picks work just fine. Secondly, when using this techneque, be sure to use the tip of the pick or otherwise it will get stuck and you will not be able to lift it up fast enough for the next note. Last of all, when you are picking down on the A string, or up on the G string, make sure that you don't let the pick stray too far away from the string because that would also lose precious time in a song with the metronome in the high hundreds.

That is all you need to know to I will leave you to Bamba yourselves silly (The Bamba is an energetic Spanish dance with no direct translation to English).



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