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How To Chuck

How To Chuck feedback

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weird name, huh?  you're probably wondering how to chuck, or learn about what "chucking" is.  chucking is a fancy sound you can make in between changing chords, or to just make your music sound upbeat and cheery to get that real ukulele sound.  you probably hear a lot of chucking when you listen to regular ukulele music, and you didn't even realize you did! here's some helpful ways on how to chuck.

1.  place a part of your hand over the strings.  i like to use my wrist or lower palm area of my hand.  this is to mute the strings so it doesnt sound like a chord when you strike the strings. 

2.  once you know your strings are muted, strum the strings with your fingers while your hand is still on the strings.  you should get a muted "chuck" sound.  

that sounded really stupid haha.  the reason why it's called a chuck sound is because many people play chords as "booms" and the chucks as "chucks."  have fun experimenting with your music, keep strumming!