Learn to play ukulele : How to Choose Your Ukulele!

How to Choose Your Ukulele!

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Hi there! Are you a beginner trying to find a 'ukulele, but you just can't find the right one?

First, you have to look at the price. What's your price range? If you can, make sure it's a little over $80. Most cheap , non-well made 'ukuleles cost less than that. *Remember: Don't start with a super duper expensive 'uke! Wait till you get better, to move on to more expensive 'ukuleles.

Second, what type of 'ukulele do you want? A soprano (small, about 21''), a concert (23'', louder), a tenor (26''), or baritone (about 30'')?

Third (optional) did you want a specific brand of 'ukulele? I currently have an Ohana Concert 'Ukulele. (I love it, well made!)

Fourth, look at where it is made, and the features. Is it handcrafted, made of wood? Or is it a cheap plastic one? *NOTE: It doesn't have to be the most expensive one to be a great 'ukulele. It doesn't have to be handcrafted either. Based on my experience, the sound of the plastic 'ukuleles is simply not good, compared to better made products (real wood, etc).

Fifth,  ask the shop owner if you can try the 'uke out. If you aren't comfortable playing it at a store, ask someone at the store who knows. Just hold it like you would a 'ukulele, make sure you feel comfortable with it.

Sixth, if you can, look at reviews on the 'ukulele you are considering. Trust me, this may be helpful to see what other people have to say about the 'uke.

Seventh, make sure this is the instrument for you! Are you going to teach yourself, take lessons? Or are you just going to quit after a month or two? Make sure you commit to your 'ukulele!

Last but simply not least, make sure your 'ukulele is tuned! Ask the store owner or someone working at the shop you are buying from, for a tuner! Your new 'ukulele will get out of tune a lot, but this is normal. Once it is tuned enough, it will hold the tune. (Also buy a chord sheet if you will use it!)

One last tip: Don't be afraid to ask the employees at the shop about all their 'ukuleles! If they are willing to help you, accept their help. Know as much as you can about your 'uke. 

Hope you have fun,

~Kalanei :)



Lesson by , 05 Feb 2012

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