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Fretting/Chord Progressions

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When it comes to fretting chords at a fast pace, such as chord progressions while jamming out a quick dance rythym for your friends, it can get pretty tricky while trying to fret, from an F to  G for example. 

For most beginners, it is easier to develop your own tricks on how to get from one to the other, but if not, the following tips will help you out.


1. If what your playing is fast paced, sometimes you can build up to the chord without stopping to switch. For example, from F to a G, you can place a finger on the 2nd fret on the A string and quickly bring the other two in place, which produces a sound that can be as clear as a clean transition, and if done right, it adds a little style to your strumming.

2. Always try to innovate! If other tricks dont work for you, make your own.


3. Fretting is never easy at the beginning, so dont give up thinking that you cant do it!

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