Learn to play ukulele : Don't know how to read a chord?

Don't know how to read a chord?

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First, want to explain the reason I decided to do this lesson. When I started Ukulele
I did not know how to read chords (A loving friend had to explain it to me.) I was being "self taught"
(I'm guessing like most of you out there) and I couldn't figure it out, so I had to ask someone.

Above is my 'attempted drawing' of a chord.

The four lines that are Horizontal "I" represent your four strings.

The four lines that are vertical "---" represent your frets. (Well except for the first, that's usually where your "base" is.

The four horizontal lines represent your finger is supposed to go. As such:

I---I---I---I 1st finger (index)
I---I---I---I 2nd finger (middle)
I---I---I---I 3rd finger (ring)
I---I---I---I 4th finger (pinky)

I hope that helped you guys! :D

Lesson by , 23 Aug 2011

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Im really excited about this site. It has explanations of all the things that come to my mind as I am learning more and more from this one single site. I love the way they show you the tabs so you can see how the chord is played and see where and when its played in the song. I love that you can send in requests for songs you love and that there are so many good songs to try. Thank you for this site.
29 Sep 2014