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Different Ukulele Types

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Ukuleles are available in 4 different sizes; The SOPRANO is the smallest at about 21", next is the CONCERT at about 24", next is the TENOR ukulele at about 26" long, and the BARITONE is the largest at about 30" long. the SOPRANO, CONCERT, and TENOR all have a standard tuning of GCEA but the BARITONE ukulele is tuned to DGBE which is the last 4 guitar strings. but the BARITONE ukulele can be strung differently to have the GCEA tuning. But now i will talk about the strings. Most ukulele strings are nylon because the fret board is not stable enough for steel or copper strings. but the BARITONE is again the odd ball. all of its strings are nylon but the DG or the top two strings are nylon dipped or weaved in steel or copper. The SOPRANO is the most popular and is a good size for children. the BARITONE is the least popular and a good size for just about everyone. (i learned on a cheap SOPRANO Rogue now i own a lanikai BARITONE ukulele and love it.)

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