Learn to play ukulele : Caring for your 4 stringed friend

Caring for your 4 stringed friend

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After a while of playing, you'll probably have some "battle wounds" on your ukulele. Mine come from backs of cars, openings at concerts, and little brothers(: Here are some tips on fixing them up.

     -If your ukulele has a polish finish, get some polish from the music store. Polish your ukulele about once ever 2 months, or whenever you really need it. Don't do it all the time! it'll make it greasy and you might ruin your finish. DO NOT USE PIANO POLISH! It won't end well, trust me. 
      -If you have a colored uke, find some nail polish in your ukulele's color, then if you get it scratched, just paint over it, and no one will know(:
       -Always keep an extra set of strings in your bag, and your tuner if you use one. You never know when a string will break.
       -If you take your ukulele anywhere, make sure it's in a bag! You can get these at music stores, but if your local music store is small and doesn't pay attention to ukes, you can  order them online or make them. I made mine out of a pair of sweatpants(:
        -If you get your uke really dirty (which should never happen!), use a barely damp washcloth. NO SOAP!!! If you get it too wet, the wood will expand and crack, and you'll be sad. Also, when you change the strings, wipe off the fretboard before replacing the strings, so that it doesnt get all nasty.

Hope this helped!!!


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