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    Thu Apr 4 03:39:51 2019
    Pangster24 posted in Some songs to play around with.

    I'm pretty open for different styles btw

  2. Thu Apr 4 03:35:38 2019
    Pangster24 started the conversation Some songs to play around with.

    I need some song recommendations.

    I like AJR, Cosmo sheldrake, samm henshaw, Coldplay (kinda),imagine dragons,Hamilton, NF and some other random people. I have played for about two yrs and know intermediate chords and strumming patterns.

    I'd appreciate anything, I'm just running out of songs to mess around with so thank you if you reply!

  3. Thu Apr 4 03:26:47 2019

    I like AJR, Cosmo Sheldrake (he's kinda weird but I love his stuff I wish there was more), pentatonix, Coldplay, queen, imagine dragons, Samm henshaw, Panic! At the disco ......these are most of the ones I like most but yeah

  4. Thu Apr 4 03:18:51 2019

    A lot of AJR's songs are pretty good, I also like Viva La Vida by Coldplay and La Vie En Rose by Louis Armstrong