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    Tue Dec 4 03:15:59 2018

    I'm thinking of calling my uku mele, which is Hawaiian for " song ". I think this is just really pretty. I'm going to search around more, though. I've had my ukulele for about six months, but never named it.

  2. Sun Dec 2 16:02:08 2018
    BrendenUrie posted in Ukulele Christmas/Holiday Song.

    First, think of what you want to write about. Then, strum and pick for a bit, and see what you like. Then, just find some words to match the tune. Or, you can do it vice versa.

  3. Sun Dec 2 04:14:32 2018
    BrendenUrie started the conversation Any song suggestions?.

    Hi everyone. I've played a lot of the songs that I have wanted to play already! I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I really like pop, punk rock, and a little bit of just rock. Some of my favorite bands are Alexander Jean, P!ATD, CCR, and Hank Williams. Thanks for any suggestions, and I'll let you know what one's I try out.