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    Wed Aug 15 05:37:58 2018
    GentleWater started the conversation Is it normal?.

    I can't play and sing a song without seeing the chords sheet. Is it normal?

  2. Tue Aug 14 11:22:50 2018
    GentleWater posted in Music makes me forget.

    I picked up my Ranch ukulele, which stayed in the corner for almost 2 months, then I strummed the strings and sang the songs I learned 2 months ago. Wow, all of a sudden, all the unpleasant things are gone! I am happy and I go on practice for nearly an hour without stopping! Yes, yes, I like the way to relax!

    All the pressure is gone with the wind~

  3. Tue Aug 14 11:15:27 2018
    GentleWater posted in Easy song on the ukulele?.

    Oh, I have a link with 12 free ukulele lessons, I just learned 4 songs in 1 hour! The Ranch ukulele comes with 12 free lessons. My friend Qin and I have a race to see who can finish the 12 lessons faster. She is not good at music things. But it's very funny to play uke with my best friend.

    It is really happy when I strum the string and sing my song~