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    Wed Jun 6 08:02:14 2018
    TheGrasshopper posted in If you had all the money in the world....

    Hmmm. If I had all the money in the world, it would probably be worthless, because everyone else would then move to a new currency.

  2. Wed Jun 6 07:59:44 2018
    TheGrasshopper posted in Name your favourite Ice-Cream!.

    Pomegranate Chocolate Chip from the Iranian market.

  3. Wed Jun 6 07:58:32 2018
    TheGrasshopper posted in Does your uke have name?.

    My husband calls it "Your little Friend", so I now refer to it as "My Little Friend". That is the Tenor. The Soprano is "My Littlest Friend"

  4. Wed Jun 6 07:56:02 2018
    TheGrasshopper posted in Which Ukulele of yours is your favorite?.

    I would have to say my Koloa KU-340. It is a tenor, in mahogany. It sounds like a little guitar and less like a toy. It has a crisp, comforting sound. It hypnotizes me every time I strum it. I really like the sound of it.
    I also own three other sopranos...a Koloa KU-10, a Sunlite, and a Braddah Uke.