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    Fri Oct 21 09:46:28 2016
    shelovesi posted in first song.

    Twinkle twinkle little star.... :-)

  2. Fri Oct 21 09:02:15 2016
    shelovesi posted in Does your uke have name?.

    Actually it has no name.I don't know why I give my uke named.

  3. Fri Oct 21 08:55:05 2016
    shelovesi posted in E chord?.

    ah,u can use the other "According to the string method" u can use your thumb Hold down the 4th sthing,Forefinger hold 1 string,Middle finger and ring finger hold 2&3 string.

  4. Fri Oct 21 08:45:21 2016
    shelovesi posted in Any Left Handed Players?.

    wow, I'm right handed,My company sales guitar and ukulele, I saw the left handed guitar,but I never saw and hear the left handed uke,how to play it while it is left handed?

  5. Fri Oct 21 08:29:07 2016

    E,since I play uke,I usually play a "air ukulele" to assuming that I'm playing the uke when I'm on my way home or company.