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    Tue Sep 27 06:32:42 2016

    love that song, tried looking it up on ultimate guitar but that is hell to put into uke chords, im sure someone will find them soon:)

  2. Sun Aug 28 09:58:38 2016
    palooma posted in What Inspired You to Play Uke?.

    i have been playing uke since i was in 4th grade( im in 8th now) so nearly 4 years:) i started playing because at the time i was obsessed with nevershoutnever. in all elementary school my sis used to play to the way to school and i became literally the biggest fan girl of him. i asked for a uke for my bday and got a concert lankai i think. i was very off and on playing my uke tho. in 8th grade i really really started playing more:)
    dodie clark is one of my favourite human beings too. i also love jon cozart and grace but my inspiration was christopher drew ingle