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    Mon Aug 12 19:19:06 2019

    Playing an instrument is the only activity from what I have read that stimulates both sides of your brain. Obviously, the creative side is, however, music is very mathematical. The Fibonacci sequence is all over it.

  2. Mon Aug 12 07:17:38 2019

    I tabbed it for you. I wasn't sure on the Dsus4

  3. Wed Jul 17 21:25:59 2019
    HighD posted in Staying Logged In.

    Both are MUCH improved! Thank-you!

  4. Fri May 31 23:14:24 2019

    Piano keyboards are great for figuring out music theory The math makes sense why chords have their names.

  5. Fri May 31 19:50:11 2019

    I want to be able to play lead guitar parts on my steel string tenor ukulele in a live band. I need a way to convert guitar tab lines to ukulele tab lines to make that happen. A way to transpose tab lines would be great too. I am trying to play rhythm but I am missing that E and A string and a few frets to be able to play rhythm on certain songs even with a baritone.

  6. Sun Mar 24 21:13:30 2019

    A little of it is catchy. I like his video concept but it is depressing.

  7. Sun Mar 24 20:10:05 2019

    How do you think your band would ever play a gig anywhere? It wouldn't. People need to be social, get sunshine and play music together in the same location if they want a band. There I said what everyone else is thinking.

  8. Sun Mar 24 20:03:59 2019
    HighD posted in pregunta.

    Google translate = Which is the right rhythm for you for three in ukulele?

    Even in English, it doesn't make much sense.

  9. Sun Mar 24 20:00:47 2019
    HighD posted in Ukulele Lessons on YOUTUBE.

    Don't stick to one teacher. They all have something to add to your knowledge. Sometimes you find there are people who think they are teachers and are not.

  10. Sun Mar 24 19:58:30 2019

    This too changes the more songs I learn.

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