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    Fri Jan 11 03:47:52 2019

    I have recently thought about a baritone solid body electric tuned like bass but up an octave like the Luna acoustic.

  2. 3 weeks ago
    Wed Dec 26 20:36:35 2018

    Here is a project I thought I would try first. I might rescue a couple of thrift shop ukuleles for parts and to gain experience with setting them up or repairing ones that are worth saving. Once I get that under my belt then I might start working with wood and new hardware.

  3. Wed Dec 26 07:34:40 2018
    HighD posted in Guitalele....

    I just bought an electric solid body. I really like it. It is a deeper blue than the picture. It has great action and sound. The only problem I have with it is "three fingers in the same fret space" chords in the middle of the fretboard, specifically an Asus chord. I can play a D or E inversion to make those a non-issue. In order to play it, I have to shove my fingers into the fret space in a triangular fashion. I think that would be true on any guitarlele so I wouldn't hold it against the Vorson.

  4. Tue Dec 25 23:46:31 2018

    I have 12 ukuleles one guitalele, one guitar, two short scale basses, two keyboards, one keytar, one piano, one organ, a full set of harmonicas, a jews harp, a slap top cajon, and my husband has six guitars and a banjo.

    I'd like to get a harp ukulele, a transparent outdoor ukulele, and a sopranissimo ukulele yet but don't need any of them...well maybe the harp ukulele but that's it.

  5. Tue Dec 25 22:09:43 2018
    HighD posted in Ukulele Russ Workshop.

    I went! He is phenomenal I love his style and I love his originals. Here is a little Christmas medley. He normally does the one man band stuff but I thought this was appropriate for Christmas.

  6. 2 months ago
    Mon Nov 5 21:35:32 2018
    HighD started the conversation Ukulele Russ Workshop.

    For any ukulelists who live in the Erie PA, Jamestown NY, Youngstown OH, or Pittsburgh, PA Areas: Wednesday Ukulele Russ is passing through on his tour. This is an awesome opportunity to meet him. Check out the post for the workshop over at Porch Music Store .

  7. 4 months ago
    Fri Sep 21 09:40:47 2018

    I am thinking about building a solid body electric 11-string harp tenor ukulele (seven harp strings/four uke strings) or a solid body electric double neck 4 and 8-string tenor. Maybe both.

  8. Fri Sep 21 08:59:44 2018
    HighD posted in To strap or not to strap.

    csorthofeet I am pretty sure you are here as a spammer because we are talking about straps but I may look into your shoes because after a four-hour gig my feet hurt.

  9. 7 months ago
    Wed Jun 13 08:27:20 2018
    HighD posted in More (outtake).

    I just took a listen and think you might have some D, Em, G and A chords for starters.

  10. Wed Jun 13 08:15:05 2018
    HighD posted in i want moooooooooore.

    There are contests to win ukuleles. I have won two so far. One here on this website when they used to have tab contests and the other one I won was at a ukulele festival I went to. A local music store ten miles from me has a contest to win one right now.

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