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    Tue Oct 22 04:11:42 2019
    MachTwang posted in How did you tackle music theory?.

    Tackle it? I'm still running from it...

  2. Tue Oct 22 04:07:41 2019
    MachTwang posted in What are your ukulele goals?.

    My goal is to be able to 'sit in' with anyone, any style, anytime.

    That and to over come my stage fright and red light fever.

  3. Tue Oct 22 04:03:32 2019

    @wetzelkm Could you post info on how to add a strap button to a uke with a plastic body? I got a flight travel uke and would love to add a strap button to it, but am nervous to drill into the plastic...

    I would love to help you with this, I am new to the forums but I do have a small guitar repair shop and about 20 years of experience. I would strongly advise against doing anything without first seeing some pictures and getting more information about this uke. What make/model is it? Is the location you want to place the strap button a solid block of plastic or is it hollow? Do you have some simple hand tools and access to a hardware store?

  4. 10 months ago
    Wed Oct 9 03:15:43 2019
    MachTwang posted in Chords Positions.

    This sounds exciting, I can't wait.

  5. Mon Oct 7 18:13:01 2019
    MachTwang posted in Chords Positions.

    Wow. Thanks for the prompt reply! I look forward to that feature.

  6. Mon Oct 7 18:08:49 2019
    MachTwang started the conversation Chords Positions.

    Greetings. I have question regarding tab submissions.

    I have noticed that all the chords displayed are in the first position only, is there a way to include chords in different positions? In example, Dm7 can be played 2213 first position or 5555 second position, both are Dm7 chords but that have a different voicing and that can make or break how the song sounds overall.

    Is there a function to add alternate chords? I have a few songs I would like to post but they would require alternate chord positions other than those in first.