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  1. 2 years ago
    Sun Apr 15 08:33:39 2018

    I am a builder so I tend to build ukes that I would like. I am trying to get geared up to build a les paul archtop uke with white binding. Need to buy some tools first though.....

  2. Mon Nov 27 09:13:35 2017
    Doctordendro posted in intresting hobbies?.

    I like to make ukes in my garage that look like electric guitars. I have made a few now. I have sold a couple; they plug in and are fully playable and able to be amplified.

  3. 3 years ago
    Sun Apr 30 03:50:44 2017
    Doctordendro posted in Does your uke have name?.

    I build ukes that look like electric guitars. I have built a Dean ML (the dean), a flying v (the v), a green stratocaster (no name as it has been sold) and an sg in concert scale (havent decided a name yet but the paint is still curing so I have time). No name for the les paul either. Maybe neverwillistainanotherinstrument as it was particularly difficult to stain.

  4. Sun Apr 30 03:36:06 2017
    Doctordendro started the conversation Fretboard Roadmaps .

    I have been reading a book that i thought I would share with you.
    I have been playing uke for around five years and have learned a heap of songs, but havent really improved in the last two years.
    Music theory knowledge is hard to find where I live, and if you can find it its difficult to understand. There are only two ukulele groups in my city, one of which is a mandatory requirement to dress like a pirate (?) and the other group are all retired people who want to play music from the 1920s.
    I bought this book which I have been reading to improve. It is basic music theory book as it applies exclusively to ukulele players. It has helped me greatly to navigate the fretboard; I knew there was a reason that there were more than five frets!
    It is on special at the moment on the book depository. It comes with a cd, heaps of stuff to play along to and it has challenged my playing.
    I recommend this book if:
    You dont know how to play in every key
    Certain chords are mysterious and unknown
    You have memorised a few songs on uke but have no system to tie them together
    You cant play a solo.

    Check it out. It is called 'Fretboard Roadmaps: Ukulele by Fred Sokolow and Jim Beloff.

  5. Sun Apr 30 03:11:51 2017

    try chordify

  6. Sun Mar 19 23:42:12 2017
    Doctordendro started the conversation Lullaby suggestions.

    I like to play my ukulele to put my 2 year old son to sleep.

    What lullabys do you recommend for this?

    He likes David Bowie, but I find hallelujah puts him to sleep faster.

  7. Mon Jan 23 06:18:31 2017
    Doctordendro posted in Fret needs re-seating.

    If you are so minded you can buy fret wire from ebay and replace the fret yourself. If it is a cheapie you might be best to hang it on the wall and buy a new uke.

  8. Mon Jan 23 06:14:05 2017
    Doctordendro posted in Ukulele tabs.

    Ukulele players tend to be more strummers. Most songs out there arent performed on ukulele, they are written on instruments with much greater tonal range, so many songs have to be interpreted for ukulele; that is they cant be transcribed literally. Not everyone can be as cool as us I guess.
    This site I believe is the best site for sources of tabs for the uke; if you cant find them here you are going to struggle. Many of the tabs on here do have tab parts to them, just check out the indexes.
    I found that playing ukulele changed my musical taste a bit, and made me start appreciating music that I wouldnt normally listen to, just because it sounds good on the uke.
    Good luck!

  9. Sun Nov 6 07:26:28 2016
    Doctordendro posted in xxxxxxxxxx.

    Yeah its to do with the copyrighting.
    There arent too many other sites like this so if this content is what you are after, you might just have to endure it for a bit.
    If lyrics are what you are wanting there are a few sites out there that just do lyrics.

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