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  1. 3 months ago
    Wed Nov 7 10:23:03 2018
    JaxX posted in Ukulele Russ Workshop.

    Thanks for sharing! Too bad I'm not in the area. Will you go?

  2. Mon Oct 22 10:08:20 2018
    JaxX posted in Lyrics?.

    Unless I'm wrong it's not blocked in Canada.

  3. 4 months ago
    Wed Sep 26 17:58:10 2018
    JaxX posted in No lyrics when I print.

    @passionINK or is germany that restricted ?

    If I'm correct lyrics are hidden in Germany.

    @lukini exactly!

  4. Wed Sep 26 17:56:20 2018
    JaxX posted in No More Lyrics..?.

    Does it work with a VPN?

  5. 9 months ago
    Thu May 17 12:39:35 2018

    from where are you accessing the site???

  6. Mon Apr 23 10:02:12 2018
    JaxX posted in Error to upload new cover.

    hi, try with

    instead of

  7. 10 months ago
    Tue Apr 3 21:48:54 2018

    We probably need to be able to set artist names too, so that songs can be listed on artist pages.

  8. Tue Apr 3 13:18:08 2018
    JaxX posted in song suggetions .

    Welcome @rubytheuke!
    Try one of these songs: https://www.ukulele-tabs.com/uke-songs/difficulty/beginner,2.html

  9. 11 months ago
    Fri Mar 2 10:02:10 2018
    JaxX posted in Printing a song.

    I don't think so. If you try to copy/paste a song, chords are duplicated in a strange way. I don't think it's made on purpose but in the end you can't do that without some extra work. Not sure why you would do that though, I find it so cool that all my fav uke tabs or even my own transcriptions are located at the same place.

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