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  1. 6 years ago

    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick question. Is it ok to use a pick when playing the uke? I know the traditional way is to use fingernails but I am really not liking that too much. Of course the fingernails is a better sound than using the thumb, which I was doing for a while (yep, played guitar before.) So I have some picks that are .71 thick and I like the sound, louder and crisper than the fingernails. I have a concert uke.

    I guess I know it's not the traditional way but I am asking because I am worried about wearing out my strings (my guitars have steel strings). I am not concerned about being traditional. Anyone out there do this?

    Would a felt pick be better?

    Sorry if this has been posted before. I am new here... I looked for previous posts on the topic but didn't see any.



  2. if you want to use a pick on your uke that is perfectly fine! there are no ukulele police out to get you for not using your nails! haha. and a felt pick is perfect!

  3. Fill your boots.

    Felt picks are traditionally used for ukuleles (if using a pick).

    There are really new picks out now which from memory are made of rubber?

    Give them a try. If you don't like it you can always go back to playing with your fingers.

    I bought a slide for my ukulele the other day. I asked the guy at the shop which one to buy for a ukulele. He said he had never ever been asked that question before.

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