1. 7 years ago


    31 Jul 2012 Moderator

    Well here was i ready to interact with all the new forum members.. had my tea early.. sat down with the laptop cock'd and ready.... and thinking MMM bit quiet on here... did a bit of browsing and realised after an hour... tomorrow is wednesday.... and DUH!!

    Well Heres to tomorrow peeps...

    Love you long time...

  2. JaxX

    1 Aug 2012 Moderator

    Had my coffee !

  3. Lol!

  4. ive completly lost track of the days, not slept in a while, been to a funeral, and moved from swansea (wales uk) to stord (norway), my life is one big blur of airports and spanners and racecars...
    oh and lots of coffee
    which reminds me that i put the machine on but not drank any yet!

  5. its summer! its wayy to easy to lose track of what day it is :P

  6. I usually have a Mandarin Orange flavored tea in the morning with Organic Honey. YUM!

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