Name your favourite Ice-Cream!

  1. 7 years ago


    6 Sep 2012 Moderator

    Plain vanilla, butterscotch, hokey pokey, cookies and cream.

  2. Mint with choc chip is king.

    Although the maggie beer brand one which is burnt fig, caramel and honeycomb is pretty amazing too.

  3. Blizzard (vanilla ice-cream with crunched up Oreos)

  4. Hagen Daaz vanilla swiss almond!

  5. My band had a tradition of eating ice cream at every practice. I started to put on a little weight. So, I started doing the Insanity workouts, and I didn't see much results. I reluctantly quit eating ice cream a few weeks ago, and since have dropped ten pounds. When I was eating ice cream regularly, I really liked Pumpkin ice cream.

    It's been tough, but I'm pushing through it. I'm not really sure about it though. I need to start going to meetings for it, because once I make it a month, I'm going to want a coin.

    I quit cold turkey too.

    ...I haven' t had cold turkey in weeks now.

  6. I was a sucker for anything made by Ben & Jerry's too.

  7. thongar

    7 Sep 2012 Moderator

    The Maggie Beer one you named sounds amazing. I really dislike mint flavoured things though. :<

    Shugabella, anything with Oreos is delicious!

    Mmmmmmm, vanilla swiss almond.

    BEZO, THAT'S THE BEST TRADITION EVER. I think you should start eating ice-cream again. I gotta add pumpking ice-cream to my 'must eat' list.

  8. ben and jerrys chocolate cookie dough!!!!!!

  9. Anything caramel

  10. 6 years ago

    im allergic to ice cream... but i love a good strawberry/banana smoothie!

  11. Cookies and Cream! Especially the chunky stuff from Baskin Robbins

  12. 5 years ago

    Cherry Vanilla

  13. 3 years ago

    Maple Walnut, we make our own. We also make our own maple syrup.

  14. Vanilla with a chocolate brownie sticking out of it.

  15. 2 years ago

    Pistachio ice cream.

  16. last year

    The doctor says no so now my favorite is any I can get my hands on.

  17. Anything with Chocolate!!

  18. @catchinggdreams Anything caramel

    Same! I really like Caramel Pecan!!

  19. I just had Pistachio ice cream and its one of my favorites.

  20. Vanilla. As simple as that...

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