So left to right is my banjolele built from a ten inch tambourine and a neck that I cut off a mahalo ukulele. There is a tensioning rod in the back too.
Next is the flying v with a piezo pickup, so you can stay with the nylon strings.
Stratocaster with piezo pickup. I tried to make this into one of those vox style ukes with the built in amplifier and speaker but since I am shit at electronics it became something else.
Next is the milk can ukulele. Terrible to play but sounds good.
Half finished is my dean ml. It has stopped being built until I can decided what colour scheme it is going to be. This will change what finish is required pre painting. If ukes are painted you can hide ugly bits with the paint. If it is going to be a natural finish I have about four hours of sanding ahead of me. I want to paint it black, white and camo (like one of the dean models). The trick will be in getting the camo right. That will make it or break it.
Last on the floor is my explorer which as you can see has been donating parts for other uke builds.
I would like to thank my sponsor ebay; without them I could have never afforded to buy the parts. My local internet dealer costs a fortune.