The Tetris Theme

  1. 7 years ago

    I've been playing this little game, so to speak. Grab your ukulele and start playing the Tetris theme kinda slow. Each time you finish the riffs, play it again a little faster. The fun is to see how many times you can play it through before it gets too fast for you to keep up,.kinda like the game.

    Oh, and share your results!

  2. thongar

    20 Aug 2012 Moderator

    That sounds like fun. I'll try it sometime this week and share the results then.

  3. UT

    21 Aug 2012 Administrator

    Which Tetris tab did you use ? This one ? ... 15721.html

  4. "UT" Which Tetris tab did you use ? This one ? ... 15721.html

    I should post mine up. That one is close, but I figured out an easier way (for me) to play it.

  5. I tabbed out how I've been playing it. Here it is:

  6. This'd probably be a good practice for getting quick at playing things that aren't strumming... I'm terrible at that.

  7. im gonna try it!

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