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  1. 7 years ago

    Ok, this is entirely not needed yet, but when the day comes (and it may unfortunately come soon) it would be nice to have a "Report spam" forum. I participated on another active forum which had more moderators than this, and some spam would still find its way past them. So we started a "Report any spam here" page, and it caught all of the spam that was posted there. Just my 2 cents on the possible issue - it does not exist yet, so there's no need to hurry and put this in.

  2. UT

    13 Aug 2012 Administrator

    There's already a "report" button to flag a post
    Here is the corresponding icon :

    Our registration/login system is a mix between phpbb's solution and our own scripts, which also offers more protection against spammers.

  3. And I've tagged one spammer with it already. They will find any forum no matter how small & new.

  4. Thanks for letting me know about that! I have to ask though - are the flaggings reveiwed by mods before they go through? Cuz sometimes (on the other site I was on) spammers would clog up the reports with fake reports of fine and dandy posts to try and hide their own spam. Those spammer's are tricky little guys - I just want to make sure the site doesn't eventually get infested (which happened on a whole different site I was on - we all just abonded ship, really. Quite a pity) Thanks for the button though, that should be a lot more efficient than a whole seperate page!

  5. UT

    14 Aug 2012 Administrator

    All I can say is that the first spam report was send 2 days ago and it was reviewed by a Team member.
    Most impostant point to deal with spammers is to block their robots when they try to register, that's why we focus on this

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