What Inspired You to Play Uke?

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    @Muffintut twenty one pilots and dodie clark lmao

    Same with the Dodie thing c: I already play guitar so I thought it wouldn't be too difficult to learn, and ukes are just so cute!

  4. I was hanging out with my friend in her dorm room and her roommate had just gotten a ukulele. I played with it a little while and knew by the time I left the building that I had to have my own.

  5. I had been watching a youtuber named Dodie Clark's videos for about 2-3 years and she played ukulele in most of her videos. I saw how nice she played and how beautiful all her songs were that i decided to get one myself and try it out.

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  7. I sing and play different instruments for years now, but I felt like the instruments I had been playing weren't "mine". I felt happy about playing these, but something was missing. Years ago I randomly found a video of Dodie Clark on Youtube, and it was like YES THIS IS MUSIC THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO PLAY and... Here I am now. And thanks to that I discovered twenty one pilots. And my love for the uku is getting bigger and bigger everyday. Magic.

  8. At first it was my sister, whom I love and admire, especially musically. She bought a uke on her vacation in Israel and taught herself. I wanted to but I didn't have the motivation. What gave me the final push was Tyler Joseph of twenty one pilots. I cherish this band very closely to my heart and I felt as though listening to their music wasn't enough. I wanted to experience it, to play it.
    the rest is history.

  9. I'm obsessed with twenty one pilots and I wanted to play their songs so i learned! <///3

  10. Dodie Clark!

  11. besides vocals, i have little to no musical ability. i struggle to read sheet music, but i watch musicians (especially those in my school's band) with great admiration. i wanted to be able to play something. i was interested in the ukulele but wasn't sure whether or not it would be a waste of my money. if in the end i couldn't play, or learn to play it then i'd have spent the money for nothing. but i kept seeing covers with the uke and i got more and more interested. i did my research and finally decided to get one. so i did. it has been one of my greatest investments. i played it constantly and found websites like this one that have helped me learn.

  12. i have been playing uke since i was in 4th grade( im in 8th now) so nearly 4 years:) i started playing because at the time i was obsessed with nevershoutnever. in all elementary school my sis used to play to the way to school and i became literally the biggest fan girl of him. i asked for a uke for my bday and got a concert lankai i think. i was very off and on playing my uke tho. in 8th grade i really really started playing more:)
    dodie clark is one of my favourite human beings too. i also love jon cozart and grace but my inspiration was christopher drew ingle

  13. My sister got a uke as a birthday present, and, being the superfan of How I Met Your Mother that I am, I decided to learn how to play (and sing along) "La vie en rose". I kept going and, well, as they say, the rest is history :)

  14. One day I was with my friend and I was wearing a onesie and my afro was super shaggy. I looked like an a grade stoner. I had a ukulele in my closet that I had never actually used and I was like "you know what would enhance this look? A ukulele." I grabbed it, took a few pictures, and suddenly realized that it would be cool as fuck if I could actually play it. I learned a few Steven Universe songs and the rest was history.

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  16. Nephew wanted to learn guitar (after seeing all of mine). Took him to the local music store to pick out a guitar that would fit him. Bright blue uke captures his eyes... Next thing you know, I'm paying for his and picking out my own..

  17. I started playing out of spite. My best friend had been playing for a few years, and everyone at school loved when she played, so I took my brother's unused ukulele, stayed up till 3 AM and learned a song called Piazza New York Catcher by Belle and Sebastian. I went to school the next day to show everyone, but I wasn't very good, so no one cared, from then on its been my goal to be better at ukulele then my friend.
    I've been playing a little under a year now, I've performed at my middle school christmas assembly, taught 4th graders for extra credit, performed at my 8th grade graduation, small festivals with my friend, a coffee house with my mother(she's in a band, it was a song I wrote), and joined my high school band. I'm in the band with my best friend, and the teacher thought I was the one playing for years. That was the best moment, someone who has been playing for thirty years said I was better at playing then my friend, and that moment is why I started playing.
    To note: my friend and I are now the same level, and have friendly competition with our instruments, and we have our first high school concert this upcoming week where we'll be playing a ukulele duet solo thing together in the song Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man.

  18. -image-

    One can never have too many Ukuleles!

    I received a Flying V SpongeBob Ukulele as a present for my birthday, back in 2011. But not because I played the Ukulele, because I was obsessed with SpongeBob SquarePants. :) I decided instead of just letting it lie around looking pretty, I'd actually learn how to play this thing! ;)
    5 years and 7 ukes later, here I am... a decent ukulele player. :D
    Now, I love learning new songs, sharing my tabs with other ukulele lovers and teaching Ukulele to my fellow WeThinkCode_ classmates. <3
    What an amazing instrument to learn. ;)
    Miriam "Ukulily" Studium

  19. twentyonepilots

  20. Check why people love ukulele ukulelebuzz

  21. I saw Amanda Palmer live and she played the Ukulele Anthem and said everyone should play Ukulele so I bought one and started playing and I love it. It's what I look most forward to after a day at Uni. I think of new songs to play all the time and then I can't wait to get home and start playing.

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