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    I have an OscarSchmidt OU2T tenor ukulele and it plays wonderfully for the price I payed for it ($80), but I am thinking about getting a better ukulele since I purchased this uke as a "training" instrument. As in I wanted to see if I would like ukulele, which I might add that I absolutely fell in LOVE with playing. So I was wondering what a good ukulele would be to purchase. I am looking to spend about $200. Would there be any good ukes that I could purchase for around that price? Please message me or respond to this post with your feedback.
    Thanks, Caitlin

  2. You can check out Mainland Ukes.

    The prices are in your range and the quality is very good. The instruments are all solid wood, not laminate. Mike always makes sure each instrument is set up well and in tip-top shape before he ships it out. They have a very good reputation. Poke around google and you will see why.

    I have this one and I love it!

  3. Plus one on the recommendation for a Mainland - superb ukes.

  4. I am looking for a new uke as well, and I was considering buying a Ohana CK-35. Opinions?

  5. Ohanas are decent, but I find their factory setup can need work. Buy from a real store who can check it over for you

  6. So, the Mainland are better manufactured? Cause there are no ukulele shops in my area and the music shops are badly supplied :/

  7. It's not so much the better manufacturing, but the better treatment when the uke is built to fix the action and intonation. I don't know about Ohana's factory activity. But every Mainland gets a setup before it walks out the door.

    This vid from Hawaii Music Supply (another very reputable source of all things ukulele) shows what a setup is about:

  8. The core of Mainland ukes are made in the far east, most likely in the same factory as a lot of other big brands are made. The difference in quality is that rather than have them finished in the far east and just shipped from there, they all go to Mike in the US who individually finishes and sets them up. Any that don't make the cut on the build (I finish flaws or not capable of holding a good setup ) are rejected.

    As such, for the price, you stand a far far higher chance of getting a good instrument with Mainland than with some of the bigger brand names.

    Now, that said, with the bigger brands, it depends where you buy from as a good store will also sort setup for you.

    But anyway, Mainlands rock.

  9. I should check Mainland out

  10. thank you all for the clarification! I will buy a Mainland or, if i have money enough, i'd like a kala all solid acacia

  11. *envious*

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    Just thought I'd share; I have a Riptide UC-11NS: ... 2357392.gc

    And I'm very happy with it. It's my first ukulele so I don't have a lot to compare it to, but I think it has great sound and I love the styling. You said you were looking for Acacia, which it is, and I think the inlaid shell is gorgeous.

    It's been my experience with other instruments - and with this one - that the best way to pick it out is to play all your options. I suggest heading to a local music store and getting your hands on them to help make your decision.

    Good luck!

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    14 Oct 2014

    Are Rubin ukuleles any good?

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