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    I used to be able to check the box that is marked Stay Logged In and I would stay logged in! That hasn't happened for a long time and consequently, I get tired of logging back in all the time and I just stay away. It was always a problem (and still is) with the forum side that will log you out quicker than the blink of an eye. If I was able to stay logged in on either side I would be more inclined to stick around. If this is an overload to a server issue I can appreciate that. I am looking at the number of people logged in and I can't imagine that to be the case. If it is something on my end that can be fixed I am willing to try it.



  2. UT

    25 Mar 2019 Administrator

    Hi @HighD , thanks for reporting this.
    Are you saying that you can't stay logged in on both forum AND site? Because this "stay logged in" option works on the site, we never noticed any issue. But there might be an issue on the forum, we need to check that.

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  4. Both are MUCH improved! Thank-you!

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