Chords for Guitar can be read the same for Uke?

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    Hi again,

    My favorite group in all the world is Girlyman, and their songs would sound so great on the uke. I have found some guitar chords for some of their songs on one of their old forums. My question is, would it work just to play the corresponding chord on the uke? In other words, if it says to play C...G...E... on the guitar, would I play the C chord, then G chord, then E chord on the uke and it would work the same for the song? Maybe this is a basic question but since I don't know maybe there are others who would like to know too.

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    It's exactly the same, you can play guitar chords on the uke. It's a matter of how chords are built (music theory), it's not related to a specific instrument. Some chords are just impossible to play on a ukulele (a uke has only 4 strings so you can only play 4 notes at the same time... ), and sometimes it's better to transpose the Key to make it playable on your uke.

    You can use our chords detector to transpose your guitar score into a ukulele one : ... ector.html

  3. Thank you! Very helpful! Now, more complicated...does that mean that if they say capo 4 on the guitar, it will work the same for the uke? Somehow I don't think that would work the same, but maybe...

  4. Being that the ukulele has a more higher pitched sound than the guitar, i'd say leave the capo off.
    If you find that the sound is too low for your voice, then bring the capo to the first fret.

    If it's still to low, then move it up again ;P

  5. Thanks. That makes sense. I can see how capo 4 on the uke would be pretty high pitched. I don't have many problems with songs being too low for me. I am an alto so, for instance, Elton John songs are right in my range.

  6. Yeah..I use when I can't find chords anywhere else. They have pretty much EVERY song you could imagine. Not saying they all work, but they can be useful. So it's probably a good thing you have a lot of websites to look at when you don't know where to find chords.

    Sorry if I'm not making any sense...It's 3:30am

  7. To put everything more simply, a chord is a chord is a chord.

  8. It's tough to explain to a beginner (sorry, don't mean that to sound patronising)

    If you have a song sheet for guitar that just says play a C, a D, you can use that to play the same song on a uke. A C is a C regardless of the instrument.

    What is different though is the finger positions - and as such guitar tab (in the purest sense) won't work on a uke without transposing.

    If you play a guitar D shape on a uke, you will play a G.

    Re the capo, yes, if working with a guitar song that just has straight chord names, and it says capo +4, doing the same on a uke will have same effect, but again, remember the finger positions are different. That said, pushing a capo to the 4th on a uke is really overkill as its such a small instrument.

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